Snohomish County: Emergency Dental Everett, WA

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency and you need immediate dental care from an emergency dentist, you’ve found the right place. Go ahead and pick up the phone and give our Everett, Washington Emergency Dental Care services a call at 425-307-0192. Our 24 hour emergency dentists are available after hours and we’re here here and open on Saturday.

Even if you’re unsure if it’s necessarily a dental “emergency”, give us a call anyway. We service our Everett community for all things oral health related.

How to Be Seen for an Emergency Dental Appointment

When you’re in pain and in a state of emergency, you want service and you want it FAST. That’s what we’re here for. Even if you’re unsure of the severity of the problem, go ahead and contact us any way. We never recommend for our patients to hesitate as most dental issues will get worse the longer you wait.

We have the number one office and the best dentist in Snohomish County for all dental work and oral health treatment.

Once you call us at our Everett, Washington Dental Office our emergency dental care team will get you in as soon as possible.

What to Bring with You

Please bring the following with you to our Everett Dental Office. It will help us get you back to our emergency dental care team quicker.

  • A Form of ID
  • Your Insurance Card
  • If You’ve Been to a Different Dentist, Please Bring any X-Rays or Reports
  • We’ll Need to Know of Any Medications You’re Currently Taking

Examples of Dental Emergencies

Our Everett emergency dentist are experts at handling all forms of dental emergencies. Please call us immediately if any of the following have occurred:

emergency dentist everettChipped or Broken Dentures – These replacement teeth are known to chip or break fairly easily if dropped. We want to repair them as quickly as possible so you can regain your full functionality again.

Chipped or Broken Tooth/Teeth – If you break a tooth it’s likely going to be difficult to eat or drink and possibly speak.

Toothache – There’s a whole slew of reasons why a tooth pain may come on. It could be a cavity, an infection in the mouth, or a whole number of things. It could call for an emergency extraction to remove the tooth and eliminate the pain. We always want to care for a toothache immediately and find the source of it.

Lost a Filling – This may not sound super severe but it’s still a reason to contact us immediately so we can get it fixed for you.

Root Canal – Again this goes back to having an infected or decayed tooth. An extraction will be a necessary procedure to provide relief.

Emergency Dental Everett, WA Cares For More Than Emergencies

We’re proud to be your one-stop-shop emergency dentist Everett office, that also offers all of your basic family dentistry services outside of only ’emergencies. The following are only a few that we offer:

  • Regular Cleaning and Checkups
  • Cosmetic Services
  • Dental Implants
  • Dentures
  • Fillings / Crowns
  • Oral Surgeries
  • Required Extractions
  • A variety of other services

Affordable Dentist Everett, WA

24 hour emergency dentist everett waFirst and foremost, we know that affordable dental care is a must. We have financial options available and are able to work with a variety of insurance companies. Our Emergency Dental Care Everett Clinic is focused on the well being of each and every one of our patients.

It is our wish to be your to serve you and your family long term for any and all of your dental needs. Contact us any day or time – we have patient appointments readily available to schedule you in.

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